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The Revolutionary SigenStor 5-in-1 Energy Storage System



Integrating Solar Inverter, Battery, EV Bidirectional EV DC Charger, Power Conversion System, and EMS.


Sigenergy focuses on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, with products ranging from energy storage systems to solar inverters and EV chargers. Their world-class R&D team of hundreds of top industry experts shares the vision of making the world greener via continuous innovation. With global reach, Sigenergy aims to become the most trusted partner on the journey to a more sustainable future.

Watch the Sigenergy YouTube videos below and review the Sigenergy Product Brochure or Datasheet – SigenStor Home for detailed specifications.

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  • Off-grid, on-grid, residential, commercial & industrial
  • 5kWh and 8kWh modules can be mixed
  • 1-6 battery modules stackable
  • 5-48KWh capacity range per stack
  • Can parallel up to 64 stacks for 3+MWh commercial scale
  • 110wh/kg High energy density
  • 280Ah large capacity battery cells, long cycle life, LFP Prismatic cells
  • 5-layers of advanced battery safety protection
  • Multi system boot-up sources, Uninterrupted Power Supply with 0ms UPS
  • Operates in temperatures from
    -20°C to 55°C
  • 25 kW Bi-directional charging
  • V2X (V2H / V2G) Ready
  • Virtual Grid expansion
  • 100% Green power charging
  • 200% Oversizing on PV single & 3 phase.
  • 15mins Stackable Installation
  • 5mins Fast commissioning
  • 2mins OTA system upgrade
  • 1-click Full system scan
  • AI assisted Energy Planning
  • AI assisted VPP Scheduling
  • Al assisted Safety Protection
  • AI assisted Service Support
  • IP66 protection rating, install anywhere
  • Evergen / Amber VPP integrated
  • Listed CEC, Solar VIC, SAPN, QLD Battery Booster, NT Homes & Business Battery Scheme

Sigen Batteries

Sigen Energy Controllers (Inverters) Single Phase

Sigen Energy Controllers (Inverters) Three Phase

Sigen EV Chargers AC / DC and Bi-Directional Charging

Sigen Gateways (Blackout Protection)

Sigen Accessories

Sigen Packages

These packages are highly customizable to suit the requirements of your project

Sigenergy Youtube

7 Minute Overview by Rob Schwarzinger, Vice President of Sigenergy.
Solar industry guru Glen Morris discusses 336kWh Off Grid installation in Victoria
Solar industry guru Glen Morris discusses 3+ MegaWatt hr Off Grid installation in Spain vineyard.
In-depth review by Solar & Batteries Online in collaboration with Prime Energy.
Advanced safety protection with Sigenergy

Better than Tesla Powerwall? Is this the most powerful home battery system we’ve ever installed? Join Jordan and the team for the installation of the Sigenergy SigenStor Home Battery System

Installation – 30 minute instructional video!
280kWh Sigenergy Commercial installation in Sweden

The groundbreaking SigenStor 5-in-1 Energy Storage System, which seamlessly integrates PV inverter, Battery Power Conversion System (PCS), EV DC Charger for electric vehicles, Battery Pack, and Energy Management System (EMS).

12GW Power Production Capacity

500+ Employees and Growing Rapidly

7 Global Offices with 1st Class Support

R&D team with hundreds of industry talents

Cutting-Edge Technology with Advanced Safety