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We are looking to build our partnerships Australia-wide.

Our installers use only the highest quality components for solar installation, we want a job with real longevity, happy customers and no warranty claims!

We use only the best brands with a reputation for quality components including panels, inverters and batteries.

Installing Hybrid, Grid Connect and Off Grid systems nation wide.

We are currently offering installer wholesale pricing on GenZ lithium, PowerPlus Energy, Alpha ESS, BYD, PylonTech, Narada lead carbon batteries, Hoppecke, Sonnenshein, BAE and Kilowatt Labs super capacitors, Selectronic, Victron, Fronius and prefer installers who choose from this range for inverters and storage.

Whats in it for you?

Lead Generation! We will send you FREE quotes – an opportunity for more work. We are not asking for any commission.

Whats in it for us?

We want to sell great quality solar & batteries that our customers love, giving more people the freedom to store solar power. We believe in solar storage for a greener future.


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