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Lithium Ferro Phosphate Rack Mount Batteries


* Australian Made/Australia Designed


* Infintely Scalable


* Flexible Solutions


Mictronix is a leading edge renewable energy company whose goal is to make the transition to renewable energy a simple and straightforward process. Quality products combined with years of experience make cheap reliable power available to those who need it no matter how remote.



Mictronix Power Systems of Sydney, Australia was established by Anthony Micallef in 2019. Anthony is an electrician with accreditation in grid connected solar systems, grid connected batteries and stand-alone power systems. As an installer of off-grid systems he has an insider’s understanding of the market, products and industry regulations.

MPS began manufacturing simple and clever products to improve quality, exceed regulations and reduce installation times.

Anthony, interested in batteries since he was a kid, was inspired to build his first lithium prototype in 2009.

MPS wanted better quality and performance from a self-managed lithium battery, so they started building their own lithium batteries. They’ve installed them into their customer systems since 2019.

With constant improvement, their Australian made lithium battery evolved into the MPS 48-5.1 and the MPS 24-2.5. They are specifically designed to deliver superior performance and reliability in harsh Australian conditions. These LFP rack mount battery modules utilize the latest cell technology and are being installed in residential and commercial systems.

Additionally, you can combine the batteries and power control equipment with a cabinet kit or even a total storage solution. The modular Defender Series cabinet, which is pre-fitted and wired for Victron Energy and MPS products will meet Australian standards as an indoor or outdoor installation.