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VAULTA Batteries

Vaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Using advanced composite materials and smart, streamlined design, Vaulta has developed a lighter and smaller battery case with fewer parts, creating scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers.


We make recyclable, high-performance batteries for any project.

Designed and assembled in Brisbane, Australia

Vaulta’s batteries are designed, assembled and tested at our manufacturing facility in Brisbane’s inner north. It means high quality design and manufacturing, and minimal freight for our Australian clients.

Easily repair and re-use cells

Because Vaulta’s batteries aren’t welded, technicians can access and test cells, replace under-performers, and have things back online fast.

Disassemble and recycle

Most batteries end up in landfill. Vaulta batteries can be disassembled, and the cells removed for recycling. It gives batteries a second life, and cuts your waste costs.

Easily configure via custom BMS

Vaulta’s custom-designed, Australian-developed-and-made smart BMS is easily configurable to different cells and inverter protocols. This means setup times are greatly reduced, and can be customised to your needs.