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Sigenergy Sigen Energy Controller (Inverter) 10.0kW Three Phase


Introducing the groundbreaking Sigenergy SigenStor, the first-ever 5-in-1 energy storage system.

The system presents itself as a revolutionary solution in the field of energy storage.

This 5-in-1 system innovatively integrates several essential components, providing remarkable versatility and efficiency, with quick 15-minute installation and rapid 5-minute commissioning, enabling a simplified and efficient user experience, adapted to various energy use scenarios.

See Sigen Brochure/ Datasheet


Key features
  • System all integrated 5 in 1.
  • Installation ultra simple & quick.
  • 10 year performance guarantee.
  • Operation without batteries possible.
  • Modular design, outdoor installation. IP66
  • Advanced energy management using AI.
Scalable on demand

Whether for home or business, SigenStors` unique modular and stackable design allows it to be truly scalable on demand and flexible in configuration. For commercial applications, you can connect multiple SigenStors in parallel to meet your capacity needs.

  • 1-6 Battery modules stackable.
  • 5-48KWh Capacity range per stack.
  • 110wh/kg High energy density.
Robust all around
  • 280 Ah large capacity battery cells, long cycle life.
  • 5-layer comprehensive battery safety protection.
  • Multi system boot-up sources, uninterrupted usage.
  • IP66 protection rating, install anywhere.
  • 0m.sec Load side disruption
EV-Home Energy Bridge

The system`s advanced technology allows direct tapping into DC power from the battery and solar panel, enabling virtual grid capacity expansion and 100% green power charging. Get ready for the future with V2H (Vehicle-to-Home) and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) capabilities, unlocking limitless possibilities for modern living.

  • 25 kW Bi-directional charging.
  • V2X Ready.
  • Virtual Grid expansion.
  • 100% Green power charging.
Simple & Capable

Guided quick connectors between battery modules auto plug once stacked. Replacing hand-wiring and saving installation time. DC-DC Optimizer in each battery pack allows for parallel connections of packs. Supporting mixed use of old & new batteries and various cell vendors, capacities & SOH/SOC. Eliminating cask effect for users and simplifying warehouse management for distributors.

  • 15mins Stackable Installation.
  • 5mins Fast commissioning.
  • 2mins OTA system upgrade.
  • 1-click Full system scan.
AI Optimized

Embedding cloud-native approach along with machine learning capability, SignStor is self-evolving, quick to distribute, and easy to manage and scale, allowing for a safer, smarter and optimized experience at any level. Intelligently and efficiently support your way of producing, storing and consuming energy. Enjoy a tailored energy plan that boosts cost savings and contributes to a sustainable future.

  • AI assisted Energy Planning.
  • AI assisted VPP Scheduling.
  • Al assisted Safety Protection.
  • AI assisted Service Support.



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