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Hybrid and Off Grid Installers Nationally

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Solar Quotes
We specialize in Hybrid and Off Grid Solar Quotes nationally… for Residential and Commercial!

Fill in the quote form below. We will direct the installer in your area to contact you. Call Jason on 0466 960 552 for solar queries if needed.

Our installers only use the highest quality components for your solar installation, we want a job with real longevity, happy customers and no warranty claims! We use Inverters and components from  Selectronic, Fronius and Victron . Installing Hybrid, Grid Connect and Off Grid systems. Battery banks BAE, Narada REXC lead carbon, PowerPlus Energy, GenZ, LG, Enphase, Alpha ESS, and BYD in lithium.

Our solar installers won the Clean Energy Council Solar Design & Installation Award 2014!!

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