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Solar Battery Banks

Yes we are proudly distributing Narada batteries for sales please call Jason on 0466 960 552

See our REXC range with 5 Year Warranty

To all NARADA customers see the attached warning: 

Narada’s Formal Letter to All Australia Clients

Narada 24 volt battery banks


Settings for REXC Batteries: For 2V Cells

  • Boost/bulk voltage       2.30V/cell
  • Boost/bulk charge trigger voltage   2.18V/cell
  • Absorption voltage   No absorption stage
  • Absorption charge time  No absorption stage
  • Float voltage  2.25V/cell
  • Equalise voltage if required   2.30V/cell
  • Equalise charge frequency (how often) if required every 3 months
  • Max charge current  0.25 C10
  • Temp  compensation   -3mV/cell/℃