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Yes we are proudly distributing Narada batteries for sales please call Jason on 0466 960 552

Yes we have Narada stock contact us for pricing.

To all NARADA customers see the attached warning: 

Narada’s Formal Letter to All Australia Clients

Narada’s REXC Lead Carbon Battery is designed for Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar and Wind Power. REXC  protects our environment using Green Technology and benefits the World’s Urban and Rural Population by Generating Power Economically from a Clean Source of Energy. REXC is a product developed by Narada s R&D with an ‘eXtra’ in Performance and Life Span.

See our REXC range with 5 Year Warranty

Settings for REXC Batteries: For 2V Cells

  • Boost/bulk voltage       2.30V/cell
  • Boost/bulk charge trigger voltage   2.18V/cell
  • Absorption voltage   No absorption stage
  • Absorption charge time  No absorption stage
  • Float voltage  2.25V/cell
  • Equalise voltage if required   2.30V/cell
  • Equalise charge frequency (how often) if required every 3 months
  • Max charge current  0.25 C10
  • Temp  compensation   -3mV/cell/℃