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Inverters & Inverter Chargers – Call Us for current pricing on these products

Inverters from Outback, Magnasine, SMA Sunnyboy, Tripower coming soon. If you don’t see the battery or solar product you need call Jason 0466 960 552 or contact us with the details, we may be able to source it for you or suggest a replacement.

All inverters perform the same basic function – converting DC to AC power. Of these, there are generally two types; Gridtie (or sometimes called Gridconnect): This type of inverter typlically takes a high DC voltage directly from solar panels (with no battery) and injects the AC power straight into the power network. Offgrid: This type of inverter takes battery power and converts it into AC mains for the use of normal appliances in remote areas, on boats, etc. Inverter-Chargers are a popular choice of offgrid inverter as they incorporate an inverter, a high power battery charger AND and an automatic transfer switch.

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