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Hybrid Solar Packages

Our solar installation team covers Australia wide and Asia-Pacific.

Our focus is putting together a quality solar system for your needs with quality, longevity and reliability in mind – contact us for our expert advice.

If you would like a quote on your solar installation, please fill in our online quote form.

We can put together tailor-made, quality packages with high-end, long lasting components that will keep you happy even when the sun doesn’t shine.

Sigenergy Packages

Solar Installations

The Designers & installers…

  • Our Designers undergo regular and rigorous training with the industry leaders here in Australia and in Europe (Germany in particular).
  • All our installers have extensive experience: Apart from their many years of electrical experience both on the domestic and commercial front, they also have a well-established track record in solar PV installations and play a crucial role in our continued R&D and systems’ improvement.
  • Tailor-made solutions. Every project is unique. some of the key considerations are…

    Usage Level and Efficiencies…

    Usage patterns for at least 4 seasons are examined; a list is prepared of all major electrical appliances in the site.

    Suggestions are made to help reduce your energy consumption, and to show you how to measure their energy consumption.

    Roof Space…

    Orientation to true north

    Precise measurements are taken of the exact compass bearing of your roof and its deviation (also called magnetic declination) from true north. True north in Melbourne is about 11.7 degrees west of magnetic north, and changes over time.

    Optimized designs…

    What is the ideal pv-array / inverter match? How can we achieve the highest level of efficiency of the system without compromising longevity? What is the specific energy of the area and how does this affect inverter sizing? These are the next considerations.

    Shade Assessment…

    Shade is the single most detrimental factor to the performance of a solar photo-voltaic system. A sophisticated tool, the SunEye 210 is used to assess for shade…

     Photographs are taken from different positions of the roof using this instrument, solar paths unique to your geographical location are overlaid, and evaluations carried out to ensure that the roof is viable for solar photo-voltaics.

10kWp Bosch, SMA 3-phase, Schletter installation at the MVHS in Victoria, The Basin.
D29.9kWp grid connect solar PV plant at Deks Manufacturing Pty Ltd in Bayswater,
100kWp grid-connect solar PV plant at Micronisers Pty Ltd in Dandenong, Vic.
4.5kWp system in Coldstream, Victoria, using Bosch c-Si M60 245Wp monocrystalline modules, Diehl Ako, and Schletter Profi Plus mounting system…

“We have been delighted with the installation and operation of our solar panels by iEnergytech.

The professionalism and attention to detail has been truly amazing.

It was done , when they said it would be done, it was installed when they said it would be installed, and all the paperwork was provided in an easy-to-read folder with all timelines clearly indicated.

We can highly recommend iEnergytech to anyone contemplating putting solar panels on their roof and thereby generating their own electricity.


Paul and Trish Martin, Coldstream, Victoria

kWp solar PV plant installed in Mount Waverley, Victoria using 16 x 265Wp WINAICO modules, SMA inverter, Schletter mounting and Huber & Suehner DC cable;

“Recently, I had a 4kW solar PV system installed by iEnergytech. 

I chose this company after a great deal of research to determine what factors were important in a solar system and after speaking to and getting quotes from others. 

Mine was not a straight forward, single array system and it was important to get the design right.  I chose iEnergytech because they were prepared and able to do a quality and effective job in a very professional manner. 

I knew at the moment I received the quote exactly what materials would be used, the design and the tools which would be used. 

One of the factors I found very impressive was receiving a custom manual after completion of the job–not a folder full of “off the shelf” brochures–but a manual specific to my system with all the information I might need for operating and maintaining the system in an effective way.  This included graphs and other data generated specifically for this job.  

I have no hesitation in recommending the company”


AW—Mt. Waverley, February, 2013

2.53kW system in Croydon, Victoria:

using 11 x 230 SolarWorld Poly modules, SMA SB2500 inverter, Alzone mountings, Kraus & Naimer DC isolator, ABB and Moeller Controls’ breakers.

“We had been toying with the idea of solar energy for a long time. Finally, after meeting Udayan from iEnergytech, who gave us valuable and understandable information, we felt confident to go ahead.

After Udayan came and evaluated whether our roof was suitable, we decided on a 2.5 KW system. We were very comfortable with this decision, as we had received plenty of information from Udayan, on all the somewhat confusing areas of solar energy.

Udayan made it easy for us to understand, giving us advice on making the most out of our system and organizing the installation, inspection and post- installation process seamlessly.

It is now up and running and we are amazed at our daily energy readings. We are extremely happy with our system, with the service we received, with the knowledge we have gained, and we could not recommend this company any higher.”


Tania and Tom Hungerford-Gerth Victoria, Australia