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PowerPlus Energy Batteries – Australian Made

Hybrid or Off Grid LFP Lithium


    • Australian Made designed and engineered
    • No control cables required
    • 96-98% charge efficiency
    • 10,000 cycles in off grid solar
    • Flexible installation options
    • 1/3 the weight and size of lead acid batteries
    • Parallel additional batteries as required
    • 24, and 48 / 120V – 1000V Q3 release
    • 10 year warranty
    • Full recharge in 1-2 hours

PowerPlus Energy Batteries

PowerPlus Energy Escape Series BESS

PowerPlus Lithium Youtube

PowerPlus Energy Australian Made Premium Lithium – Solar Batteries Off Grid & Hybrid 24volt, 48volt, 120volt. With Jason Eldridge and Bradley Paton.

PowerPlus Energy interview with Solar Batteries Online 4kw Eco LFP Lithium Cells , Racks & Enclosure Options. Off Grid and Hybrid. Australian Made & Owned.

PowerPlus Energy Company Overview 2020 by Solar Batteries Online with Jason Eldridge interviewing Bradley Paton

PowerPlus Battery Accessories

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