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Sonnenschein Solar Batteries

The Sonnenschein Solar Block battery range is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions.
This range is the ideal energy source for medium industrial solar systems, holiday and weekend houses, as well as for other safety equipment power supplies.

Excellent cycling performance
Dryfit Gel VRLA technology
Robust design

Sonnenschein Part Number Changes

The type designations of A600 and A600 SOLAR cells have been modified in order to reflect the
actual capacities (C
10 and C120, respectively). The part numbers have been changed accordingly.
The product
features and performance remain unchanged, there is no technical change. Therefore, cells with former type designations and new type designations can be used together.
This change will become effective in January 2012. Cells can already be ordered now using the
new part numbers.
Sonnenschein A600 Series:

DIN Types1 Former Types New Types Former Part Number New Part Number
4 OPzV 200 A602/200 A602/225 NGA6020200HS0FC NGA6020225HS0FA
5 OPzV 250 A602/250 A602/280 NGA6020250HS0FC NGA6020280HS0FA
6 OPzV 300 A602/300 A602/335 NGA6020300HS0FC NGA6020335HS0FA
5 OPzV 350 A602/350 A602/415 NGA6020350HS0FC NGA6020415HS0FA
6 OPzV 420 A602/420 A602/500 NGA6020420HS0FC NGA6020500HS0FA
7 OPzV 490 A602/490 A602/580 NGA6020490HS0FC NGA6020580HS0FA
6 OPzV 600 A602/600 A602/750 NGA6020600HS0FC NGA6020750HS0FA
8 OPzV 800 A602/800 A602/1010 NGA6020800HS0FC NGA6021010HS0FA
10 OPzV 1000 A602/1000 A602/1250 NGA6021000HS0FC NGA6021250HS0FA
12 OPzV 1200 A602/1200 A602/1510 NGA6021200HS0FC NGA6021510HS0FA
12 OPzV 1500 A602/1500 A602/1650 NGA6021500HS0FC NGA6021650HS0FA
16 OPzV 2000 A602/2000 A602/2200 NGA6022000HS0FC NGA6022200HS0FA
20 OPzV 2500 A602/2500 A602/2740 NGA6022500HS0FC NGA6022740HS0FA
24 OPzV 3000 A602/3000 A602/3300 NGA6023000HS0FC NGA6023300HS0FA

Data are also valid for UL 94-V0 flame retardant version. Change “H” to “V” in the part number.

E.g.: Standard NGA6020225HS0FC
UL 94-V0 NGA6020225

1 Types according to DIN 40742

Sonnenschein A600 SOLAR Series:

Former Types New Types Former Part Number New Part Number
A602/240 Solar A602/295 Solar NGS6020240HS0FA NGS6020295HS0FC
A602/300 Solar A602/370 Solar NGS6020300HS0FA NGS6020370HS0FC
A602/360 Solar A602/440 Solar NGS6020360HS0FA NGS6020440HS0FC
A602/400 Solar A602/520 Solar NGS6020400HS0FA NGS6020520HS0FC
A602/500 Solar A602/625 Solar NGS6020500HS0FA NGS6020625HS0FC
A602/600 Solar A602/750 Solar NGS6020600HS0FA NGS6020750HS0FC
A602/720 Solar A602/850 Solar NGS6020720HS0FA NGS6020850HS0FC
A602/960 Solar A602/1130 Solar NGS6020960HS0FA NGS6021130HS0FC
A602/1200 Solar A602/1415 Solar NGS6021200HS0FA NGS6021415HS0FC
A602/1400 Solar A602/1695 Solar NGS6021400HS0FA NGS6021695HS0FC
A602/1700 Solar A602/1960 Solar NGS6021700HS0FA NGS6021960HS0FC
A602/2300 Solar A602/2600 Solar NGS6022300HS0FA NGS6022600HS0FC
A602/2900 Solar A602/3270 Solar NGS6022900HS0FA NGS6023270HS0FC
A602/3500 Solar A602/3920 Solar NGS6023500HS0FA NGS6023920HS0FC