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Ritar Batteries

Ritar Batteries -For Electric vehicle, Golf caddies and wheelchairs etc..                   
EV series batteries and DC series batteries are recommended to be used for light electric vehicles, battery driven golf caddies and wheelchairs etc.. Lifespan of these batteries are expressed in cycles and deep cycle series type,besides AMG type,GEL type that above 24AH is also available with much better cyclic performance.
Ritar Batteries- Solar Energy Application
AGM deep cycle batteries and GEL deep cycle batteries are recommended to be used for solar energy application. Battery life for deep cycle batteries is expressed in cycles.
Ritar Batteries- Telecommunication System Application
Front terminal series battery is mainly recommended for telecommunication equipment. For this series, both AGM and Gel type are available, and advanced gelled electrolyte gas recombination technology ensures reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value