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Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500



The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated Battery Management System for Victron Lithium Smart Batteries. It contains a positive and a negative busbar, a BMS, a contactor and a battery monitor. It is part of the Lynx Distribution system. There are multiple BMS-es available for our Smart Lithium series of batteries, and the Lynx Smart is the most feature rich and complete option. Its main features are:

Built-in 500A contactor, used as a fall-back safety mechanism and also available as a remote controllable main systems switch
Has a status LED and a Bluetooth LED.
Battery monitor, indicating state of charge percentage and more data.
Pre-alarm signal: provide a warning before the system shuts down due to -for example- a low cell.
Bluetooth for use with our VictronConnect App, for setup and monitoring.
Can communicate via Bluetooth with the VictronConnect app and can communicate via VE.Can with an GX device, for example the Cerbo GX.

The Lynx Smart BMS is part of the modular Lynx Distribution system.

The Lynx Smart BMS and up to 4 connected Lynx Distributors can be monitored and setup with the VictronConnect App.

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