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Victron Energy EKRANO GX EKRANO GX Systems Control Centre with Graphical User Interface

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Ekrano GX

The Ekrano GX represents the next generation in the GX product family. With its complete range of connections and interfaces as well as its integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, it is the most powerful GX device to date and allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and to maximise its performance. Simply access your system via our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access it directly, using the built-in touchscreen, a Multi-Functional Display (MFD) or our VictronConnect app thanks to its Bluetooth capability.

The Ekrano GX is also the successor to the Color Control GX.

Perfect monitoring & control

Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or change any setting to optimise the system. Follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges remotely. The Ekrano GX turns any power challenge into an effortless experience.

Expand Your View

The integrated 7 inch touchscreen allows you to have an instant overview of your system and adjust settings in the blink of an eye. Its super slim waterproof design offers a lot of flexibility in designing a crisp and clean dashboard. The touch function can be disabled (or enabled) via a recessed button on the back to prevent unauthorised use.

Simple mounting and configuration

The Ekrano GX is optimised for flush panel or blind hole mounting and has all necessary mounting material supplied. Screw-on terminal blocks keep everything securely in place.

Outsmart any power challenge

The Ekrano GX serves endless purposes, extending perfect control to the most diverse applications. For solutions including generators, such as Marine, or Offgrid & Backup, it will auto-start/stop your generator, or delays ignition until the end of ‘quiet’ periods. For Energy Storage Systems it keeps backup batteries at 100%, kicks-in during power-cuts and diverts excess (solar) power to selfconsumption, saving you money. For RV and Emergency vehicles it keeps vital systems function flawlessly. But that’s just to name a few…


  • Supply Voltage: 8-70V DC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20° to 50°C
  • Relay: 2 x NO/NC | DC up to 30VDC: 3A | AC: 1A, 125VAC
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth compatible
  • Quad Core CPU
  • x3 VE.Direct Ports
  • x2 VE.Can Ports (x1 iso/x1 non-iso)
  • x2 USB-A Ports (max 1.5A at 5V combined)
  • x3 Resistive tank level inputs
  • x2 Temperature sense inputs
  • x2 Digital inputs

The Ekrano GX has CAN support for direct connection of managed batteries from brands like MG Energy and Pylontech


*The combination of Victron products with MG Energy and Pylontech lithium batteries has been tested and certified by Victron Energy


This Victron Energy GX Series product is compatible with many Marine Glass Bridge systems

A Glass Bridge is a MFD (Multi-Functional Display) that integrates a boat’s systems and navigation status into a large screen or screens at the helm of the vessel, so doing away with multiple gauges, brackets and wiring complications.

The Victron Marine MFD GX integration enables you to easily connect a compatible Multi Functional Display to any Victron GX model at the heart of your power system. Once connected you can easily monitor and control your boat’s power system, direct from your Glass Bridge.

Read the Victron Energy Integration Instructions.

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