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Victron Cerbo-S GX


This all-new communication-centre allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and maximises its performance. Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly, using the separate GX Touch, a MFD or our VictronConnect App thanks to its added Bluetooth capability. This latest addition to the GX-range combines all the best of connectivity, redefining smart power solutions in every way.

The Cerbo-S GX maximises the performance of your systems components in real-time and keeps them in perfect tune. With 3 VE.Direct ports, 3 USB ports, 4 digital inputs and 2 relays allow you to expand control to a new level. Maximising systems performance was never this easy.

Note: Victron have released the new Cerbo-S GX model which is a slightly stripped back version of the original Cerbo GX. Cerbo-S GX: a lower cost Cerbo for systems not needing the BMS-Can port and/or the temperature and tank level inputs.



Victron Energy have expanded the GX product range by introducing a lower spec and lower cost version of the hugely popular Cerbo GX.

This new Cerbo-S GX model provides all of the same functionality as the Cerbo GX except with the omission of the BMS Can port and Tank & Temperature monitoring ports.

Accessible through the Victron Energy VRM, optional 5 or 7 inch waterproof touch screen displays, or through your smart phone via the VictronConnect Bluetooth App, you can instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from Solar, generator, and mains…

The Cerbo-S GX provides the perfect control over your system to maximise performance and service life.

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