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Aussie-Made Off Grid Shack: 7.6kWh Battery + 3kW Victron Inverter + 3.8kW Solar

Ideal for small, off grid cottages
Aussie Made 7.6kWh Powerplus Energy Lithium Batteries (LFP)
Victron EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX x 1
High quality and affordable Jinko panels
CEC listed for applicable rebates.

Contact us about our CEC installer network across Australia!



This Aussie designed and made, small off grid lithium package provides cutting edge lithium storage and solar solutions, perfect for your off grid shack or cottage!

The 3.8kW configuration of 8 solar panels is designed to fit the rooftop space of most shacks and sheds. Plus it gives great bang for your buck in terms of kilowatts.

This package is perfect for maximising your solar energy and providing energy independence, with all applicable Federal and State rebates*.


  • Battery Storage: 7.6 kWh PowerPlus Energy Lithium Storage (LFP) (LiFe4838P x 2 battery modules)
  • Battery Enclosure: PowerPlus Energy rack mount 3-battery (optional)
  • Inverter Charger (DC): Victron EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX
  • Solar PV Modules: 3.8kW Jinko 475W 120cell Tiger Neo N-Type panels x 8
  • Roof Equipment: Rail & Clip kit (to suit Tin Roof); Cables, Fuses, Isolators; Cable (20m) runs to PV array & 2m cable to batteries; Safety Sticker Kit





Victron EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX

Victron’s EasySolar is an integrated 24-volt, 3000-VA inverter charger with a 150/70 MPPT charge controller, Color Control GX, PV array combiner and AC power distribution. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring

GX products are Victron’s state-of-the-art monitoring solution. This integrated GX device includes:

  • A VE.Can interface. This can be used to connect to Victron VE.Can devices (e.g.VE.Can MPPTs), or the port can be reconfigured via the Remote Console for use with a compatible CAN-bus Li-ion Battery
  • A USB port
  • An Ethernet port
  • A VE.Direct port
  • The GX device controls the MultiPlus-II and the SmartSolar MPPT with respectively a VE.Bus and a VE.Direct connection.
  • (VIC.PMP482307010)



* For the latest solar rebates, check the Clean Energy Council guidelines, and ensure your installer is CEC certified.


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