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Sungrow SBH HV LFP 5kWh Battery Module


Sungrow’s SBH Series presents a new era in energy storage solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance.

Each 5kWh battery module offers exceptional reliability and efficiency, ensuring a seamless integration into residential and commercial energy systems. With the flexibility to support a minimum of 4 modules, up to a maximum of 8 per stack depending on the connected inverter, and the ability to parallel up to 4 stacks (totaling 160kWh), the SBH Series provides scalable energy storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

With up to 50A continuous charge and discharge current capabilities, the SBH Series delivers consistent power output, ensuring reliable operation even during peak demand periods


  • Minimum 4x modules per stack. Max. 5x modules for SH5.0/6.0RS, max 6x modules for SH8.0/10RS, max 7x modules for SH5.0/10RT and max 8x modules for SH15/20/25T.
  • Up to four equal stacks can be connected in parallel to a single inverter (SJR050-04 Combiner required)
  • Requires 1 x SBH Accessory Kit per tower (sold separately)
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • 5kWh maximum storage capacity
  • 50A continuous charging and discharging
  • Stackable & modular design allows for easy expansion
  • 10 Years standard warranty
  • Dimensions: 675 x 160 x 350 mm
  • Weight: 45kg


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