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Sungrow RT 10kW Three Phase Hybrid inverter (2 MPPT)


is available on purchases between $10 and $2,000 learn more


A three phase, 10,000W hybrid inverter with integrated energy management system (EMS).

Connect up to 15kW of solar panels to the grid while charging a high voltage (150-600V) Lithium-ion battery bank. The hybrid inverter is rated IP65, meaning it can be installed outside.

This intelligent hybrid inverter provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximise the use of self-generated solar energy. The Sungrow SH10RT also has its own battery inverter that allows you to use your solar energy during a grid blackout (rated 10,000W continuous).

A solar system with Sungrow SH10RT inverter can be installed in two stages; start with a conventional grid connect system, and add a battery when it is convenient.




  •  150 – 600 V wide battery voltage range.
  • Supports parallel connection with full communication between inverters.
  • Provides 100 % unbalanced loads in backup mode.


  • Seamless transition to backup mode, for protection against power outages.
  • Fast Charging or discharging, enabling higher self-consumption results.


  •  High self-consumption with optimized built-in EMS.
  • Free online monitoring to enhance energy management for end users, installer and retailer.
  • Remote firmware updates and customizable settings.


  • Unique push-in connectors for time-saving installation.
  • Touch free commissioning with smartphone.
  • Lightweight and compact.

Fact sheet: EN FS SH10RT Fact Sheet.pdf


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