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Sungrow Logger1000A commercial datalogger



The Sungrow Logger 1000 is used for commercial and industrial sites where multiple Sungrow three phase inverters are installed. It is a data logger that can connect up to 30 inverters. While it coordinates the capture of data across multiple inverters it can also coordinate export control of all of the inverters and coordinates the remote maintenance (iSolarCloud) for the whole site.




  • Support of RS485, Ethernet, WLAN communication.
  • Support of energy meter, meteo station, sensors and other equipment access.


  • Support of inverter batch parameter setting and firmware updates.
  • Support of plant maintenance by remote Web access,optimized OPEX.
  • Active and reactive power control.
  • Support of local monitoring.


  • Automatic Modbus address distribution.
  • Built-in Web server for monitoring and configuration, by PC or smartphone browser, no APP required.


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