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Sungrow CX Premium 30kW Three Phase Solar Inverter (3 MPPT) – SG30CX (Premium)



The Sungrow CX series are transformerless, string inverters with wide MPPT voltage ranges, specifically designed for large–scale installations where maximum solar value is required. This range offers a variety of sizes to allow for complete system customisation. 

The Sungrow SG30CX is a three-phase inverter solution, with 30kW of inverter capacity. This model offers three Multiple Power Point Tracker or MPPT, allowing for connection to multiple independent solar arrays. With smart active cooling, built-in WiFi communications and IP66 and C5 corrosion protection, the SG30CX is the ideal choice for commercial PV systems.




  • 3 MPPTs with max. efficiency 98.6%.
  • Compatible with bifacial module.
  • Built-in PID recovery function.


  • Touch free commissioning and remote firmware upgrade.
  • Smart IV curve scanning.
  • Fuse free design with smart string current monitoring.


  • Compatible with Al and Cu AC cables.
  • DC 2 in 1 connection enabled.
  • Cable free communication with optional WLAN.


  • IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion.
  • Type II SPD for both DC and AC.
  • Satisfied global safety and grid code.


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