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Rack mount cabinet consisting of 7 x 7.5 kWh battery packs (new) = 52.5 kWh (up to 3 racks
can be placed parallel for a total of 157.5 kWh)
CoolingForced air-cooling with replaceable fan module
Battery typeLFPNoise<65 dB
Capacity (nominal)52.5 kWh / 105 kWh / 157.5 kWh
(made up of 7.5 kWh battery packs)
Depth of dischargeTBCInstallationFloor mount indoors
Nominal voltage400Operating temperature

-20° C to 60° C

(derating factors over 45° C)

Max. charge/discharge current150 AHumidity5% to 95% (no condensing)

Cycle life
6000Max. elevation3000 m (> 2000 m derating)
  Dimensions (H x W x D)1960 x 600 x 800 mm




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