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 Soluna’s 10K Pack is a battery module that stores solar power. By capturing excess renewable energy for use during peak times, it enhances self-sufficiency and lowers electricity bills. Suitable for residential and small commercial applications, and offering inbuilt blackout protection for energy security and peace of mind … all day, every day.

Battery type NCM Max. charge/discharge 30/30 A Weight 103 kg
Capacity (nominal) 10 kWh Operating temperature -10° to 45° C Dimensions (H x W x D) 905 (±3) x 654 (±2) x 227 (±2) mm
Depth of discharge 80% Storage temperature -20° to 60° C    
Voltage 280 V Humidity conditions 5% to 95%    
Certification Cell:   UL1642

Pack: UN38.3, UL1973,
IEC62619 and AS/NZS 60950

Ingress protection rating IP54    


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