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SolarEdge EV Charger 7kW single phase – Cable, Type 2 Connector


Drive with the sun not the grid

The SolarEdge Home EV charger automatically uses available solar energy for EV charging. Saving money using the solar energy rather than the grid.

Easy to install, the SolarEdge Home EV Charger seamlessly integrates with SolarEdge inverters, enabling homeowners to control and optimise all household energy from a single app.

  • Integrated Solar + EV hardware
  • Solar, Storage, EV & smart energy control & configure functions with a single App
  • Compatible with large capacity hybrid inverters with oversizing to meet DC & AC needs
  • Multiple comms options
  • Tethered – Cable with Type 2 Connector included
  • Usable without SolarEdge inverter


SolarEdge Smart EV
Charger 1Ø, 7.4kW, 7.6m
Cable, Type 2 Connector

Smart EV Charging with SolarEdge
Wi-Fi enabled, level 2 charging station, with up to 32A
(7.4kW) charging power
Control and monitoring via app – including remote
operations, smart scheduling and charging history
Industry-leading 5-year warranty
Rated for indoor or outdoor use
Suitable for use with or without a SolarEdge PV system
Optimized charging, when connected to a SolarEdge
Charges EV with up to 100% renewable energy by
using excess-solar mode
Synchronizes with the full SolarEdge ecosystem (PV,
home backup, and smart home devices), all managed
by a single mobile app


Charging Mode AC Level 2 / Mode 3
Rated AC Power Output 7.4 kW
Maximum Input, Output Current @230Vac 32(1) A
Nominal AC Output Voltage 230 Vac
Nominal AC Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Residual Current Detector (AC) Type A (30 mA rms)
Supported Communication Interfaces Wi-Fi (built-in antenna included)(2), Ethernet, RS485
EV Connector IEC 62196 Type 2
Length 7.6 m
Weight 5.7 kg
Smart Energy Management Smart schedules, excess solar charging(3)
Status LEDs, Fault Indicator Yes
Unplugging Detection Yes, current termination according to IEC 62196
Ground Connection Monitoring Yes, continuous
Monitoring and Control Installer commissioning via SetApp
Homeowner configuration, controls and monitoring via mySolarEdge mobile app
EMC IEC 61851-21-2
Safety IEC 61851-1
Dimensions (H x W x D) 309 x 190 x 154 mm
AC Wires 2.5-16 mm2
Weight 2.85 kg
Protection Rating (connected to EV or with dust cap) IP54
Operating Temperature Range -30 to +50 ˚C

(1) Additional available settings by DIP switch: 16A, 20A, 25A and 32A
(2) To extend Wi-Fi communication, use optional Wi-Fi antenna. For antenna specification refer to:
(3) When Smart EV Charger is connected to the inverter, an import/export meter is required for controlled excess solar charging
(4) Cables are not part of the model and will be ordered separately

Part Number Description

SE-EV-SA-KIT-LM32 KIT of Smart EV Charger and 7.6 m cable
SE-EV-CBL-25M32 7.6 m cable


Additional information

Weight15 kg


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