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SolarEdge Energy Hub 1Ø 3kW Inverter



SE3000H-AUSNBBX14 SolarEdge Energy Hub 1Ø 3kW inverter with WiFi, in-built meter & SetApp

Meet the one inverter that does it all. Get record breaking energy efficiency that delivers more power, hour after hour.

    • One platform that’s battery-ready, electric vehicle-ready, and future-ready
    • One portal for system monitoring, management, and updates
    • One source of warranty, service, training and support

The Ultimate Inverter

The ultimate home energy manager in charge of PV production, battery storage, backup applications, EV charging and our growing family of smart energy devices

  • With 99% efficiency, deliver greater energy production over the system’s lifetime
  • Built to last and backed with a standard 12 year warranty, extendable to 25 years
  • Minimise energy losses from shading, leaves and soiling
  • Industry-leading safety features offering maximum protection of people and property 
  • Increased system capacity with up to 300% DC oversizing and ability to connect up to three SolarEdge Home Batteries per inverter
  • Compatible with SolarEdge EV Charger, SolarEdge Hot Water and SolarEdge Load Controller
  • Easy to install and commission

Backup-ready inverter*

When pairing the Home Hub inverter with the SolarEdge Home Battery and Backup Interface, in the event of grid interruption, provide homeowners with backup power for either full or partial home loads.

*Backup applications are subject to local regulations and require connection with the SolarEdge Home Batteries and the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface.

Safety First

The inverter includes built-in safety features designed to protect your solar installations by reducing the risks associated with electrocution and fire:

  • Module-level monitoring, providing pinpointed fault detection
  • SafeDC™- Automatically reduces DC voltage to touch safe level
  • Sense Connect- Monitors the connectors and prevents electric arcs
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) – Provides an additional safety layer against electric arcs
  • Ground Fault Detection & Isolation Test – Identifies isolation issues by location.

Require optimisers, antenna included.


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