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SMA Sunny Island 8.0kW single phase off-grid inverter (SI8.0M-13)

Original price was: $6,661.00.Current price is: $6,265.00.

Store solar energy for either residential and commercial off grid applications

The SMA Sunny Island allows the connection of all lead acid batteries and over 20 different lithium ion batteries to the solar system.   Allowing the solar energy to be stored and the system to operate completely off grid.

Ideal for single or three phase systems in the 1 to 30kW range.  It can be expanded with SMA Multicluster-Technology for systems in the 20 to 300 kW range.

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• Communication via Ethernet and WLAN
• Webconnect
• Optimized data logging

• 10-year warranty
• Particularly high overload capability
• IP54 for reliable operation in extreme environments

• Works with self-consumption systems, battery backup systems and off-grid systems
• Ideal for retrofits or modular expansions of single-phase and three-phase systems
• All lead-acid batteries and over 20 different lithium-ion batteries can be used


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