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SMA Sunny Boy Smart Energy Hybrid Inverter 3.6/4.0/5.0/6.0



Integrating the modular SMA Home Storage battery in the SMA Home Storage Solution offers homeowners full flexibility. They can expand their solar system any time and unlock the full potential of sustainable energy. This powerful and flexible battery perfectly complements SMA‘s hybrid inverters enabling energy solutions of today and tomorrow.

Whether during times of low solar irradiation or the highs of midday – the SMA Home Storage stores solar power and makes it available as needed. The battery offers flexible scalability to be adapted to individual needs and has an especially long lifetime of around 8000 charging cycles. With the SMA Home Storage, homeowners are making a conscious choice for quality and additional security with the 10-year warranty.


More benefits

Unmatched flexibility

  • Slim, stackable design that can be scaled from 3.2 kWh to 16.4 kW

  • Floor, wall or back-to-back mounting

  • Outdoor installation possible (Protection class IP65)

Easy installation, fast commissioning

  • Plug-and-play solution, including automatic commissioning

  • Preassembled cables for an easy installation

  • Expandable capacity possible within 2 years

Future-proof electricity storage system

  • Developed for intensive use

  • Ready for future, like dynamic tariffs and virtual power plants (VPP)

  • Integrated black start function for back-up supply (when combined with the SMA hybrid inverter)

  • ~8000 life cycles and 10 years of warranty

Seamless integrability and compatibility


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