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Sigenergy Sigen Power Sensor Three Phase External CT 120 A DH


This energy sensor plays a crucial role within the SigenStor 5-in-1 Energy Storage System.

Sigenergy’s Storage System effortlessly combines elements such as the PV inverter, Battery Power Conversion System (PCS), EV DC Charger tailored for electric vehicles, Battery Pack, and the Energy Management System (EMS). No additional configuration is necessary for the smooth collaboration of these components.


Key features:

• 1% high-accuracy power detection for precise control.
• LCD real-time info display, easy to operate and check.
• Integrates smoothly with Sigenergy devices, no need for setup.
• Top class 100 A direct connection in Power Sensor with built-in CT.
• Support export/import limitations and ready for AI evolving.
• 100 ms data refresh rate, instantaneous data feed.

Datasheet – Sigen Power Sensor


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