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Sigenergy Medium: 18kWh Battery + 10kw Hybrid Inverter + 14.25 kW Solar

Ideal for single phase, medium-sized homes
Sigenergy’s 5-in-1 powerful energy solution
5 layers of built-in safety
EV DC Bidirectional Charger and Blackout Protection (optional)
High quality and affordable Jinko panels
CEC listed for applicable rebates*

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Introducing Sigenergy, the first-ever 5-in-1 energy storage system. This revolutionary product seamlessly integrates Battery PCS, Battery Pack, PV Inverter, EMS, optional EV DC Charger, and includes quick 15-minute installation and rapid 5-minute commissioning! The package can be customised for your site and requirements and includes quality Jinko Solar panels.

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Ground-breaking Sigenergy 18kWh package offers an all-in-one Home Solar Energy System that helps you lower utility bills and reduce reliance on the grid in a sleek and streamlined solution.

Sigenergy's 5-in-1 powerful energy solution is fully integrated with:

  • 1 x 8 kWh Battery
  • 2 x 5kWh Battery
  • 10 kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • Battery PCS (Power Conversion System)
  • Energy Monitoring System
  • EV DC Charger (optional)
  • Gateway Blackout Protection (optional)


Sleek Design and Scalability for Home and Business
With its sleek and stylish design, battery modules are seamlessly and elegantly stacked, enabling an efficient and versatile solution for up to 48 kWh for home use and 480 kWh for business use.

Swift 15-minute Installation
Quick connectors and no external battery wiring, results in an impressive 15-minute installation time. 5-minute commissioning is achieved through system auto-networking and fast Ethernet communication.

Intelligence with AI-Enhanced Solutions
The system integrates AI capabilities, providing installers and users with complete system visibility and interactive AI-driven features, including an intelligent service assistant adept at answering questions and troubleshooting, all within the innovative mySigen App.

Seamless Power
Offering full home backup during off grid situations, Sigenergy's groundbreaking 0-millisecond load-side disruption achieves the industry's quickest on/off-grid switching, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted, and stable power supply. Even when grid power is restored, the system seamlessly transitions back within 0 milliseconds, guaranteeing a truly blackout-free and stress-free power supply.

Unprecedented Safety Standards with 5-layer battery protection
Sigenergy surpasses industry standards with five layers of protection in each battery pack, including advanced temperature sensors, an internal fire extinguisher system, a decompression valve, aerogel-insulated pads, and high-temperature-resistant insulation

Electric Vehicle and Bi-Directional Charging
The optional DC EV 25kw fast charger integrated into solar & storage can deliver up to 150 km of driving range per hour using clean energy. It also facilitates bidirectional charging, enabling emergency power supply to household appliances (V2H) and grid trading (V2G).

Extending reach with flexible options:

  • AC coupled or DC coupled.
  • Can be installed on grid or fully off grid (generator input available).
  • 200% oversizing DC/AC ratio.
  • Single Phase 5/6/8/10kW inverters.
  • Three Phase 5/10/15/25kW inverters (larger C&I inverters coming soon).
  • 5kWh & 8kWh battery modules which can be mixed on the same system and used across single phase AND three phase inverters (10kWh battery modules coming soon).
  • Up to 6 batteries per stack (up to 48kWh) with ability to parallel many systems - huge storage capacity potential - perfect for C&I

Sigenergy Product Brochure:



Jinko 475W 120cell Tiger Neo N-Type panels

14.2 kW configuration (475W x 30 panels) gives great bang for buck in terms of kilowatts, and is designed to fit the rooftop space of standard Aussie homes.

  • Reputable Solar Brand
  • N-Type, SMBB, and Hot 2.0 Technology
  • High Efficiency Solar Module with better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability
  • Certified to withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • High salt mist and ammonia resistance
  • 40% Annual Degradation Over 30 years
  • 25 Years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty.



* For the latest solar rebates, check the Clean Energy Council guidelines, and ensure your installer is CEC certified.


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