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Sigenergy EV Bidirectional DC Charging Module 25kW 7.5m Cable CCS2


With Sigen EV AC Charger, you can confidently use solar energy to power your electric vehicle. Use our fast home EV charging to optimize energy savings, embrace green technology, and enjoy a smarter charging experience.


  • Green power charging with Sigenergy home energy solution.
  • Data tracking & scheduled charging on mySigen App.
  • Dynamic load management to prevent overload.
  • Easy installation with less steps and top/bottom entry option.
  • Integrated residual current failure protection.


Durable Design

Beautiful and sturdy glass panel overlay, with a strong structural design to achieve high impact resistance. IP65 dust and rain protection enables worry-free outdoor usage. Excellent electrical system guarantees full power charging even in extreme conditions such as high temperature and altitude.

  • IK10 Impact resistance.
  • IP65 Protection rating.
  • 55℃/4000m No power derating.

Free from Overload

The Sigen EVAC Charger dynamically adjusts charging power based on household electricity, seamlessly switching between three-phase and single-phase modes to ensure confidence and prevent overloads.

  • Dynamic Load management.
  • Automatic phase switch.
  • Worry-free.

Smart Charging

With mySigen App, you can easily track your charging and get a complete view on your charging history, as well as visualized insights into your charging habits and optimizing potentials. Additionally, you can also monitor, control and schedule your charging anytime anywhere.
  • Trackable.
  • Controllable.
  • Schedulable.

Easy to Install

Enjoy straightforward Installation with flexible top or bottom routing. Quick connectors between modules enable fast “click-in” assemble. What’s more, commissioning takes less than 5 mins through the mySigen App.
  • Flexible Routing.
  • Plug-in Installation.
  • Fast Commissioning.


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