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Sigenergy Sigen Energy Gateway HomeMax Single Phase (with generator input)


A great new product from the ground breaking Sigenergy product suite.

The Sigen Energy Gateway, when used with SigenStor, provides intelligent energy management and monitoring.

It automatically detects outages and offers a seamless transition to backup power, ensuring loads are supplied in the event of a power failure.

Energy usage and control energy flow tracking available with mySigen App.



Light & Strong

Compared to galvanized steel that is widely used in the industry, Sigen Energy Gateway has a full Aluminum structure, reducing total weight by 8 kg and increasing product life by a decade. Anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and super durable. Discover our battery backup box that excels in both aesthetics and practicality.


More Connections

Sigen Energy Gateway has six ports reserved for various connections to meet every need. It can connect up to three SigenStor energy storage system, as well as high-power devices such as inverter, generator, heat pump, or EV AC charger etc.

See Datasheet


Full Backup

Whether for whole home or partial home backup, Sigen Energy Gateway gives you ultimate peace of mind. When outages occur, It is capable of switching to backup power seamlessly. That means you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply 24/7 from a mix of power sources such as solar, grid, or generator.

  • Hybrid Power Sources.
  • 0 ms Load Side Disruption.

Safe & Smart

  • Industry leading 350 ms reverse power flow protection.
  • System protection by data driven risk prevention mechanism.
  • Easily monitor and control energy flow via mySigen App.
  • Sigenergy’s patented 0ms load side disruption, your ultimate defense for uninterrupted power at home.


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