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Select Cell 48V 13.44kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries


The Selectronic SelectCell Ultimate 280 Series is a lithium-ion battery, 48VDC nominal and 280Ah capacity. Each one of the modules comprises 15x 3.2V cells in series, using welded laser technology. The voltage of each of these cells and the temperature of the module is continuously monitored by its own local card (BMS), developed by Selectronic.


Capable of system capacities from 40kWh up to
a massive 3MWh with features such as:

• 13.44kWh per battery
• On-Grid or Off-Grid applications
• Prismatic LFP battery cells
• Domestic, commercial or industrial sites
• High energy density with small footprint
• Able to work with a range of inverters
• 48V, (120V) 144V, 432V and 628V DC
• CANbus controlled for accurate and safe operation
• Installer friendly installation solution
• Modular and scalable


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