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Raylite MTL25S 1050Ah 4V Deep Cycle Solar Battery

Original price was: $2,450.00.Current price is: $2,145.00.

Raylite Flooded Deep Cycle Solar Battery
1050Ah @ 100hr Discharge Rate

Dimensions: 411L x 262W x 530H mm
Weight: 97kg


Range: Raylite
Type: M-Solar
Model: 2MTL25S
Voltage: 4V
Capacity @ 100hr Rate: 1050Ah
Dimensions: 411L x 262W x 530H mm
Weight: 97kg

RAYLITE Deep Cycle Solar Batteries are manufactured by First National Batteriy Industrial PTY LTD. Established in 1931, First National Battery is a leading manufacturer of lead acid batteries in South Africa. The company produces more than two million batteries annually to provide electrical power for passenger cars, trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, solar systems, computers, telecommunications equipment and many other uses.

Raylite Deep Cycle Solar (Traction) Batteries and cells are manufactured to comply with ISO 9001, IEC 60254-1, 2 (1997).


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