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Pylontech PELIO L 400Ah 20.48kWh Slim-line ESS Floor Mounted System (4 Modules and Ground Bracket)

Original price was: $13,999.00.Current price is: $13,768.00.

Pylontech PELIO-L-20.48

Pelio is a sleek & minimalist battery storage system specifically developed for modern residential properties.

With it’s white steel facade, slim-line footprint and Indoor or outdoor and floor or wall mounting capabilities, the Pelio blends seamlessly into any residential or small commercial installation.

Scalable from 5.12kWh up to 102.4kWh, 24/7 monitoring capability and advanced battery management system, The Pelio BESS system will provide safety & reliability well into the future.

Pelio Brochure: Pylontech-Pelio-Spec-Sheet-220504EN(1)


PELIO-L 51.2V 300Ah 20.48kWh Slim-line ESS Floor Mounted System (4 Modules and Ground Bracket)

This product comes with: (click to view)

Features & Benefits:

  • Scalable & Modular design for systems 5.12kWh to 102.4kWh (up to 20 modules)
  • Lightweight and Slimline design
  • High Capacity 51.2V 100Ah modules 1C discharge capability
  • Cycle life: >8000 cycles @ 25°C with 95% DoD for daily cyclic applications
  • Advanced BMS with over discharge, over charge, over current and high/low temperature protection to ensure safe operation
  • IP65 Rated and suitable for Indoor or Outdoor installation
  • Floor or Wall mountable to adapt to any location (Wall – 3 modules max. Ground – 4 modules max)
  • 24/7 Wifi Monitoring with simple to use mobile App
  • Monitor your energy production and consumption in real time
  • 15 year design life
  • Compatible with many available Hybrid inverters
  • Meets international standards: IEC62619, IEC63056, IEC62040, IEC62477-1, UL1973, U1642,UL9540A, VDE2510-50, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, UN38.3
  • Clean Energy Council Approved (CEC)

Warranty: The Pelio-L comes with a standard warranty of 10 years.


System Voltage (V)51.2V
System Capacity (kWh)20.48kWh
System Capacity (Ah)400Ah
No of Modules4
Charge Voltage (V)56.0V – 56.8V
System Recommended Charge/Discharge (A)100A (1 cable set)
200A (2 cable sets)
300A (3 cable sets)
320A (4 cable sets)
System Max. Charge/Discharge (A) – 15 Minutes120A (1 cable set)
240A (2 cable sets)
360A (3 cable sets)
480A (4 cable sets)
System Peak Charge/Discharge (A) – 15 seconds200A (1 cable set)
400A (2 cable sets)
600A (3 cable sets)
800A (4 cables sets)
Discharge Voltage (V)44.8V – 56.8V
Depth of Discharge (DoD)95%
CommunicationsRS485, CAN
Operation & ConnectionWIFI (2.4G), USB2.0
Protection ClassIP65
CommunicationsRS485 / CAN
Design Life (Years)15 years
Operating Temperature Charge-0°C to +50°C
Operating Temperature Discharger-10°C to +50°C
Altitude<4000 metres
Humidity5% – 95% RH – No Condensation


System Integration Information:
The Pylontech Pelio-L can be integrated with many of the worlds leading inverter brands. Contact us for System integration information for the following brands:

pylontech compatible inverter brands

Pylontech and Victron Compatibility


Click Here to view the Victron Compatibility Manual for Pylontech Rack Mount modules, Pelio-L & Force Series

  • When connected to a Victron Multiplus / Quattro Inverter Charger or MPPT, this Pylontech battery utilises DVCC (Distributed Voltage & Current Control) to control the charge current.
  • It is essential to use the CAN-bus connection of a GX device (e.g. Cerbo GX ,CCGX, Venus Gx or Octo GX) with the batteries for the keep-alive signal, communication of charge and discharge limits, error codes and state of charge.
  • Enabling DVCC changes a GX device from a passive monitor into an active controller. To connect from the Pylontech VE.Can port to the GX Device Can-bus port you will require a VE.Can to Pylontech cable.


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