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Pylontech Amber Mini additional lithium battery 473ah – compatible with Amber Rock



The AMBER MINI is not just an accessory. The AMBER MINI provides additional capacity to Pylontech’s newest innovation, the AMBER ROCK, a powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate portable energy storage system (PESS) wrapped up in a sleek and lightweight carry case.

When connected to the AMBER ROCK, the AMBER MINI doubles the capacity – from 473Wh up to 946Wh, and provides an additional USB-A and USB-C port to recharge extra phones and tablets, perfect for travelling with friends and family.

High power Lithium Iron Phosphate technology is reliable, with long service life, high cycle life and a low self discharge rate. The AMBER MINI features built in BMS battery management protocols to automatically manage input, output and charge/discharge protection to protect both the AMBER MINI and your devices.


  • PD2.0 & QC3.0 protocols to fast charge compatible phones/tablets.
  • Two charge ports for a range of devices:
    • 1 x USB-A ports with QC2.0/3.0 24W max output.
    • 1 x USB-C port with PD2.0 27W max output.
  • LED capacity indicator.
  • On/Off button.
  • Convenient carry handles.

The AMBER MINI can also be recharged via AC / DC power or via solar panels (not included).

  • Fully charged in 9 hours via standard charger
  • Fully charged in 2 hours via optional fast charger

The AMBER MINI is best used in tandem with the optional AMBER ROCK (sold separately): Connect the AMBER MINI to the AMBER ROCK to get double the capacity, and a total of 10 different usable ports; USB-A QC3.0, USB-C PD2.0, AC output, cigarette lighter output and DC jacks to recharge and supply power to small mobile devices, laptops and even a mini fridge.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg


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