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Pylontech 12V 100Ah 1280Wh IP67 Rated LiFePO4 Battery with CAN & RS485 Communication & Scalable up to 16 Modules RT12100G31



Seamless integration into your marine system


In a marine environment, understanding your vessel’s power usage and capacity is of paramount importance.

The Pylontech RT12100G31’s advanced communication capabilities allow your battery bank to be monitored from your Glass Bridge via Victron Energy’s GX protocols, providing you real time system status.

Designed with adaptability in mind, the RT12100G31 is able to be used in 12, 24, 36 & 48V configurations with the interconnecting comms cables ensuring they are all working in balance and providing maximum power without sacrificing service life.

And IP67 rated cases mean they are perfect for any sized vessel.

If you haven’t looked at this fantastic product yet, it might be worth considering before your next adventure.

Advanced IP67 rated 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with On/Off button, advanced communications protocols and easy scalability.

The Pylontech RT12100G31 battery has been developed to provide adaptability and scalability to applications from Marine, RV/Caravan, 4×4 and other solar storage systems.

The Intelligent BMS provides the ultimate in safety with temperature protection, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection to ensure safe operation, high reliability & zero maintenance to extend service life.

However, it’s the advanced communication protocols built in that is the biggest advantage! Incorporating the RT12100G31 into your power system is also simple when combined with a Victron Energy GX device , allowing monitoring & control from existing battery system monitors or marine glass bridges.

Being an “array aware” or managed battery, The RT12100G31 allows for expansion by allowing the BMS to communicate with each other in a master/slave format. This allows for the battery system to increase maximum continuous discharge @ 1.0C up to 8 batteries (e.g 1S4P will provide a Max. cont. discharge of 400A, with an 800A pulse discharge for 30 seconds.


  • A 12V System (1S) can be scaled up to 16 in parallel
  • A 24V system (2S) up to 8 in parallel
  • A 48V system (4S) up to 4 in parallel

*For systems of 1-8 batteries, the maximum continuous discharge is 1.0C, for system of 9 batteries or more, the maximum continuous discharge is 0.8C

As Lithium batteries provide clear advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries with longer service life, deeper discharge capability, more usable capacities and much lighter weight, the RT12100G31 is a great solution for many applications.


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Wat Hour1280Ah
ChemistryLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Cycle life>6000 cycles (90% DoD) @ 25ºC
Max. continuous discharge current:100A
Max. Pulse discharge current: (30 sec)200A
Charge voltage:14.0V – 14.4V
Max. continuous charge current:50A
Operating Discharge temperature:-20°C to +60ºC
Operating Charge temperature:-0°C to +60ºC
Storage temperature:-40°C to +60ºC
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Ingress Rating:IP67 Rating
Series Connection Allowed:Up to 4S
Parallel Connection Allowed:Up to 16P @ 12V

Up to 8P @ 24V

Up to 4P @ 48V

Case StructureRugged mechanical design
SafetyUN38.3 Approved
Warranty5 Years
SizeG31 Size
Size1S16P, 2S8P, 4S4P Max
Each battery is supplied with a linking/communications cable, a heater plug, spare communications plug and operating manual and instructions.

See the product manual below for more information.

RT12100G31 Box Contents






This product is certified to UN38.3

This battery has been tested & complies with the UN Model Regulation, Manual of Test & Criteria, Part III, Subsection 38.3


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