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PowerCap Solar Battery 8.5kWh PC1-48V8.5-E

Original price was: $5,610.00.Current price is: $5,330.00.


The PowerCap solar battery was designed and developed in Australia to provide families with sustainable and affordable energy to power your home and electric vehicle. The design also takes into consideration, Australia’s harsh and unpredictable climate to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance.

Key features:

– Up to 20 Year Warranty.
– 2x the Life of Lithium-ion Batteries.
– Australian Designed & Developed.
– Black-out Protection Available.
– 99% Depth of Discharge (DC).
– High Load Acceptance.
– Zero Carbon Footprint.
– 100% Recyclable.
– Safe and Reliable.
– TUV Certified.



Part Number PC1-48V8.5-E
Energy storage 8.5kWh
Nominal Voltage 48V/DC
Maximum Charge Voltage 58V/DC
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 37.8V/DC
ESR/AC @1KHz 50% SOC <8mΩ
Max. Continuous Charge Current 100A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Peak Current 208A
Cooling Method Natural
Cells Self-discharge Rate 2% per month
Recommended Depth of Discharge ≤90%
Maximum Depth of Discharge 100%
Shell Material Metal & ABS plastic
Monitoring Data Voltage, current, SOC, state, temperature
Series Connection Not allowed
Parallel Connection Up to 10sets
Series-Parallel Connection Not allowed
Warranted Throughput 137 MWh


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