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NOarK N85515-EXFP-2P-20A/1000VDC

Original price was: $21.95.Current price is: $19.75.

Noark 2 Pole Fuse Carrier

Noark fuse carriers are rated at 1000V DC and feature a profile similar to a circuit breaker, making them ideal for fitting inside a consumer unit. Noark fuse holders also include a built in fuse integrity indicator which lights up if a fuse blows, simplifying the process of fault finding in multi-string arrays.

Available in one pole and two pole versions.


Product Details

Model NoN85515-EXFP-2P-20A/1000VDC
DescriptionN85515 2 POLE PV Fuse Carrier 10x38mm 1000V DC C/w Fuse indicator
ApplicationSolar, Automation, Control, Telecommunications, DC circuit applications
Original BrandNoark EXFP-2P

Additional information

Weight2 kg


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