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Selectronic LG Chem M48-Select 3 22.5 – 48kWh


Selectronic / LG-Chem Hybrid Package

  • Three-phase AC coupled ESS solution
  • On-Grid & Off-Grid flexibility
  • 3.5kW, 5kW, 7.5kW, 10kW, 15kW & 22.5kW power options
  • High surge capacity up to 30kW
  • Scalable storage from 18kWh to 180kWh usable
  • 10 year battery performance and inverter warranty

What is Included?

  • LG Chem M48 Battery Modules (8, 9 or 10 x 6.5kWh modules)
  • 3x Selectronic SP Pro inverters (SPMC481 or 482)
  • EVO Power Indoor Enclosure (Prewired DC Breakers & Busbar)
  • 3x Noark 250A 2P DC breakers & 70mm2 DC Cables
  • Selectronic Select.Live
  • CAN data cables (Comms BAT > BAT > INV)

What Else Will/May be Required?

  • DC Cables from each Selectronic Inverter to Battery Rack Breakers
  • SCERT Solar Inverters (Fronius Symo SCERT or Select-Sun)
  • AC Cables, AC Breakers, Labels, Data Cables & Conduit
  • Contactor & CT Kit for On-Grid switchboards larger than 63A (up to 1000A)
  • Generator for Off-Grid installations
  • SwitchDin VPP / 4G Modem Hardware


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