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PowerPlus LiFe2433P Lithium Battery 3.3kWh 24V

Original price was: $3,600.00.Current price is: $3,429.00.


Scalable Energy Storage
Lithium Ferro Phosphate LFP batteries provide high energy density, light weight, durable and reliable energy storage. With the added features of temperature tolerance and a high cycle life compared to Lead Acid batteries they are a cost effective alternative for solar and industrial applications.

As most LFP batteries are backed by a 10 year warranty they are a popular solution.

While one of the advantages of LFP batteries is that they operate in the same voltage window as lead acid batteries and are managed with Constant Current/Constant Voltage charging it is common that the battery will include a battery management system (BMS) to provide increased protection and cell balancing to extend the life of the battery.

Powerplus Energy has now developed a smart BMS that provides additional features including increased safety and protection, programmable settings, individual string monitoring and the ability to connect multiple batteries in series to create higher voltage batteries.

The LiFe Series Batteries by Powerplus Energy when connected in series includes a Master BMS for control of circuit protection devices and a data interface for web monitoring and a Canbus interface to third party products.

The LiFe Series includes a 120v model for direct connection to the Selectronics Inverters. Voltage options up to 1000V can be configured for a wide range of applications.


PowerPlus 120 volt lithium

Australian designed and engineered
No control cables required
96-98% charge efficiency
10,000 cycles in off grid solar
Flexible installation options
1/3 the weight and size of lead acid batteries
Parallel additional batteries as required
24, and 48 / 120V – 1000V Q3 release
10 year warranty
Full recharge in 1-2 hours

LFP-lithium discharge curve

LFP-lithium discharge curve

Lead-Acid vs LFP lithium

Lead-Acid vs LFP lithium

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Weight.01 kg

1 review for PowerPlus LiFe2433P Lithium Battery 3.3kWh 24V

  1. Trent Bailey Electrical – Northern NSW (store manager)

    5 Stars
    “We have found the PowerPlus batteries to be both reliable and durable fast charging and a easy to handle powerful solution to meet any off-grid power needs..”

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