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LG RESU 10H Prime high Voltage 9.6kWh 400V battery


Weight111 kg
Dimensions50.4 × 81.7 × 29.5 cm
Battery Energy- Usable (kWh)8.8
Battery Voltage Range (V)42.0 – 58.8
CommunicationCAN 2.0B
BrandLG Energy Solutions
Product CategoryBattery
Enclosure Protection RatingIP55


Note: Price is indicative only and may be subject to change before release.

The RESU10H Prime is a 9.6 kWh, 400V energy storage solution compactly designed to store and provide energy from your PV solar panels and utility grid.

Part of the latest generation 3 series in the LG RESU line-up. Providing on-demand energy supply, this battery unit will be there for you to keep your appliances running in the event of a blackout and keep the costs of your electricity bills to a minimum.

The RESU10H Prime is a perfect choice for homeowners or businesses looking to become energy self-reliant, in a new and modular design, the battery can be easily expanded to a capacity of 19.2 kWh to meet your daily energy needs.

  • High voltage LG battery
  • Usable Energy (kWh) 9.6
  • Remote Battery Monitoring
  • On-the-Spot Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring


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