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HRESYS 120V IP22 Fully Wired System – 1 String 35.8 kWh


4 x 32V 280Ah + 1 HV box

• Cost effective, competitively priced fully wired systems.
• 128V but safe to handle – each battery module is 32V only.
• Easy to expand as your load grows – just add another cluster, by connecting it in parallel to the existing one.
• Rugged, robust design with large air passages above every module for effective convection cooling – air moves
between the modules.


Modular, plug-and-play construction. If one module fails – remove and replace with the healthy one.
• Convenience of Maintenance – all connections are in front.
• Reliable, safe HV isolation using an Isolator Switch installed in the HV box.
• Excellent controls and telemetry – central BMS, monitoring the battery modules of the cluster, is located in
easy to access for maintenance / service HV box.

All fully wired systems comprise a 600×800 footprint cabinet with 19-inch mounting rails, with the 19-inch
rack-mountable LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)
• battery modules installed on shelves and fixed to the rails, switchgear (MCBs/ MCCBs), cabling, busbars,
labelling, etc.
• Cabinet description: IP22 fully welded frame complete with 19-inch mounting rails, fully lockable Perspex
front door, perforated lockable metal rear door, side panels and a top panel on stand-offs, raised for airflow.
The base of the cabinet is a plinth equipped with levelling feet. Finish – black leather powder coat.
• Australian designed by professional engineers.
• Proven LiFePO4 cell to ensure maximum battery cycle life and highest safety.
• Fast Charge Capability.
• Maintenance Free.
• Central smart battery management system (BMS).
• BMS protects internal cells from overcharge, over-discharge, high current etc., and ensures battery safety
and reliability.
• More than 5000 cycles life at 80% DoD.
• Intelligent monitoring of SOC, SOH, remote communication control by RS485 or CAN Bus System.
• HRESYS have been manufacturing and supplying rack mountable lithium-ion batteries on global scale.
• Proven track record in Australia and overseas.
• 5 year Full Warranty.


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