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GoodWe Lithium Lynx Home U series 5.4kW 48v


Weight57 kg
Dimensions50.5 × 17.5 × 57 cm
Battery Energy- Usable (kWh)4.8
Battery Voltage Range (V)48-57.6
Battery Nominal Voltage (V)51.2
Battery Cell TechnologyLFP (LiFePO4)
Product Warranty (yr)10.0

GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series

Low voltage lithium battery especially designed for residential applications with superior performance, safest battery technology (LFP) and optimizing user experience. This battery optimizes cost performance thanks to its expandable modular design.

Up to six battery packs can be connected to work in parallel so that any malfunction in one single battery does not affect the rest of the system.


Sizeable to maximum 32.4kWh (6 x 5.4kWh).

Easy installation comes from in-built auto recognition function and plug & play design.

Module Auto Recognition: GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series can identify parallel modules automatically. No dial setting required.

Remote Diagnosis & Upgrade: Supports remote software upgrading of all modules simultaneously.

Auto Under-voltage Reboot: GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series can automatically reboot when the battery enters self-protection mode due to under-voltage.

Wall-/Floor-Mounted IP65 - Indoor & Outdoor Installation: GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series is equipped with IP65 protection level, which allows a more flexible and easier installation.


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