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GoodWe Lithium Lynx Home F series 3.3kW High Voltage


The individual GoodWe Lynx Home F battery storage module has a capacity of 3.27kWh and can be modularly expanded to a maximum of 5 modules, which corresponds to a maximum capacity of 16.4kWh. Remote monitoring via the GoodWe PV App is possible. 10 year warranty

GoodWe Lynx Home F high-voltage battery

With the Lynx Home F, GoodWe is launching a new storage series and expanding the existing portfolio with a high-voltage variant.

The new GoodWe high-voltage storage unit Lynx Home F is stackable and consists of a control center (power control unit (PCU)), battery modules of 3.27 kWh and a base.
The size varies between 2 and 5 battery modules, the usable storage capacity is 6.6 to 16.4 kWh.


The Lynx Home F series is compatible with the ET series (3-phase hybrid inverter), the EH series (1-phase hybrid inverter) and the battery inverters of the BH series (1-phase) and BT series (3rd generation). -phase) compatible.

Possible system connections of the GoodWe high-voltage battery

The high-voltage-system with 2-5 battery towers can be combined with the GoodWe ET plus series. The ET Plus series has a battery voltage range of 600 Vmax.
A tower with 5 battery modules has an operating voltage range of 456-576 V and therefore fits the ET plus series.
The same applies to the BT series.

The inverters of the GoodWe EH series (1-phase) can be connected to a battery tower and a maximum of 4 battery modules of the GoodWe high-voltage battery.
The battery voltage range of the EH series is 460 Vmax. For the Lynx Home F with 4 battery modules, the battery voltage range is 365-461 V and thus meets the range of the EH series.
The same applies to the BH series.


The high-voltage battery from GoodWe is installed via plug-and-play without additional parameterization of the individual battery modules.
The battery modules have built-in handles that are used to stack the modules.
A module weighs 43 kg.
Additional cabling between the modules is not necessary.
To establish the communication, the already existing communication cable (BMS cable) is the GoodWe inverter directly with the PCU.

The battery cable (diameter: 6 mm²) is used for the power transmission between the inverter and the PCU.
A PE cable is also required for grounding the battery and the inverter, it is not included in the scope of delivery.
Everything is then put into operation via the GoodWe PV Master App.

The GoodWe high-voltage battery can be used for emergency and backup power.

Product and performance guarantee of 10 years.


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