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Goodwe GW6000EH Inverter (Grid-Tie Only)


Inverter DisplayNo
Enclosure Protection RatingIP65
CommunicationCAN, Ethernet, RS485, WiFi
Inverter AC Continous Output (kW)6.0
Inverter AC Max Output (VA)6000
MPP Tracker2
Inverter PV Max DC Input Power (W)8000
Inverter PV Max DC Input Voltage (V)580
Inverter AC Output Current (I)26.1
Inverter Min MPP Voltage (V)100
Inverter Max MPP Voltage (V)550
Inverter TypeON-GRID
Product CategoryInverter
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Goodwe GW6000EH Inverter Grid-Tie Only

The GoodWe EH Series is a truly battery-ready solar solution with 5kW power classes. An activation code is required to upgrade from a grid-tied inverter into a hybrid inverter. The EH series can be used as a single-phase grid-tied inverter with compatibility to bifacial double-glass modules, allowing 12.5A input current per string. EH has 33% DC oversizing capability to fully maximize capacity and a wide MPPT voltage range. As hybrid inverter EH Series is compatible with high voltage batteries. It can be connected to lithium-ion batteries ranging from 85V to 450V, with an overloading capacity of 20%. The power deviation from the inverter’s AC output to load consumption can be as low as 20W, maximizing solar energy consumption.

Both a GoodWe Activation Code and GoodWe Monitor/Meter is needed to covert this Grid-tie inverter to a Hybrid and connect battery storage.
Battery Ready is an option GoodWe offers to customers who may not be ready for battery installation now however wish to reserve this option for future availability. This Battery Ready option is developed on the basis of EH series from GoodWe storage inverter family and it is renamed as EHR series. The battery function of EHR is dormant and can be activated by a code purchased from GoodWe.

FInd compatible batteries here:

GoodWe Inverter Approved Battery Options



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