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GoodWe ETC 50kW Three Phase HV Hybrid Inverter (1 MPPT) GW50K-ETC



GoodWe ETC Series is a three-phase battery storage inverter with wide battery voltage range from 200 to 865V. It follows a simple, Plug & Play modularized design consisting of five main modules (MPPT, DC/DC, DC/AC, STS & EMS modules), which allows more flexible and easier installation.

It can switch to backup mode in less than 10 ms ensuring uninterruptible power supply for critical loads. It offers 110% continuous AC overloading on backup for maximum power output and emergency shutdown function for system safety.

The active, reactive power and power factor of this inverters is fully adjustable, which makes it suitable for micro-grids and ensures grid stability for the whole system. Whether to increase self-consumption, to realize peak-shaving, or for on-/off-grid use, the ETC series is the perfect energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications.


    • Modularized design,
    • <10 ms UPS-level switching,
    • 100% unbalanced load,
    • Adjustable active, reactive power and power factor,
    • Peak load shaving,
    • Powerful off-grid overloading.

Amazing Flexibility for Energy Harvest

The power range of each phase from 0 to 17 kW increases load flexibility, extends application scenarios, and maximizes self-consumption ratios. The powerful 110% continuous AC overload capacity guarantees robust energy supply in backup mode.

    • 100% unbalanced output,
    • Powerful backup supply ability.

System Stability and Safety Guaranteed

With the ability to switch to backup mode in less than 10 ms, an uninterruptible power supply is always operational for critical loads. Voltage and power are controlled via adjustable reactive power to provide adequate service quality and maintain proper stability of the power system.

The lightning protection on both AC and DC sides prevents voltage peaks from destroying connected devices and secures system reliability.

    • UPS-level switching,
    • Adjustable reactive power,
    • Type I surge protection optional.


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