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genZ LFP 12.8V (12V) 100Ah


Each LFP Battery uses stable Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry combined with the safety of a quality Battery Management System (BMS)


      • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) for added safety and longevity
      • 12V batteries can be connected in series to create a battery bank up to 48V
      • All materials in the genZ battery can be extracted and recycled and are accepted by commercial recyclers
      • The genZ safe LFP chemistry means no risk of expansion, dangerous gas emissions or excess heat generation
      • Zero emissions and rated to 60°C operating temperature
      • 100% depth of discharge (DoD) possible
      • Less energy loss at >96% efficiency

Your benefits

      • Lighter weight and smaller size for ease of handling
      • Up to 4 times longer cycle life than lead acid batteries and maintenance free
      • GenZ battery delivers approx. 6000 cycles compared to 1000 cycles over lead acid at 80% depth of discharge (DoD)
      • Tried and proven terminal connections via M8 bolts


*Lithium Ferro Phosphate

Weight: 13.6KG +- 0.2KG
Dimensions: 341L*173W*212Hmm
Max working current: 100A
Peak current: 250 +- 30A (20Ms)
Charging current: 25A

Datasheet: genZ_Capacity-Storage-12V-24V-48V

Additional information

Weight.01 kg


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