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EnergyStore 12ESPV2000 2V Gel Cell Battery -1904Ah @ C100

Original price was: $1,452.10.Current price is: $1,318.20.

ENERGYSTORE GEL SOLAR Gel technology for renewable energy storage.

Energystore value regulated lead-acid batteries for the solar power and renewable energy market. With an innovative Gel-Technology design Energystore ESPV batteries have a reliable maintenance-free and leakage-free constuction.

Solar / Wind Power Stations
Traffic systems
Hydro Power Generation
Off Grid Solutions
Telecommunications / Mobile Phone Stations
Power Distribution Companies
Tubular design with lead calcium alloy ensures low self-discharge rates and low float currents



High energy density and cyclic performance
Robust OPzV tubular positive electrode design,compliant with DIN 40742
1500 cycles at 80% D.O.D at 20°C
Low self discharge rate allows for up to 2 years shelf life
Operating temperature -20°C to +45°C
EUROBAT design life: Long life > 10 years
Fully recyclable with low CO2 footprint
Compliant with IEC 60896 – 21 / 22 / IEC 61427



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