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DryPower 12V 120Ah AGM sealed lead acid battery 12SB120CL-FR

Original price was: $511.00.Current price is: $445.00.



  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA-VRLA) Batteries
  • SLA/AGM Backup & Main Power Batteries
  • SLA/AGM Standby Power Batteries
  • SLA/AGM Deep Cycle Power Batteries
  • SLA/AGM High Rate UPS Power Batteries
  • VRLA with Flame Retardant Case
  • Drypower Cyclic Batteries

Cyclic power VRLA AGM batteries for deep cycle motive power in cyclic and motive power applications.

Designed to provide reliable performance and longevity in cyclic and motive power applications such as mobility, recreational caravan and RV, marine, medical equipment, solar applications and more.

  • Industry leading 99.99% pure lead content for superior service life and dependable performance.
  • Special grid frame alloy design with outstanding anti-corrosion performance.
  • Thicker plate design and higher percentage of tin content compared with the industry standard to maximise battery standby life by minimising sulphation.
  • Suitable for use in any orientation (except inverted) for use in hard to reach or remote locations.
  • Maintenance free technology and non-spillable design for long service life.
  • 6V and 12V models available for consumer and industrial needs, from children’s ride-on toys to medical monitoring equipment and more.

Upgraded model – previously 12SB110CL



This product’s casing/housing is classed UL94 V-0. In simple terms, this means that the casing/housing is considered flame retardant in accordance with the plastics flammability standard.


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