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UPDATE: BYD have announced that from 31st December 2023, the BYD-Box Pro 13.8 will no longer be available to purchase and there are no BYD substitutes for this product.

We recommend the PowerPlus 48V 3.8kWh batteries as an alternative. Call us on 0466 960 552 if you’d like to discuss your options.


(**Special Order**)

BYD-Box Pro – 13.8

The BYD B-Box PRO 13.8 is a custom solution that is designed specifically for the small-scale micro-grid projects due to its high discharge power and scalability. Each B-Box PRO 13.8 supports a continuous discharge rate close to 1C which is extremely useful in larger off-grid situations and there can be up to 32 batteries connected in parallel which translates to a maximum storage capacity of 441.6kWh per system. This allows the unit to fit a particular niche market where the battery capacity might be too small for containerised solutions to make economic sense but also too large for the usual residential solutions.


Here is the datasheet of the BYD-Box Pro:

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Advantages of the B-Box Range

The B-Box range of products has a number of advantages that is unique to other home battery solutions.

Safe Battery Chemistry

Lithium Iron Phosphase (LFP) chemistry recognised as the safest currently in use

High Power Output

High Peak Discharge capability, ideal for off-grid applications where surging loads are used

Flexible Extension

The modular design allows for flexible expansion of system sizes over the lifetime of the system!


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