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BAE Secura 6 Volt 5PVV350 Block Solar 350Ah Gel Solar Battery (ASC350)

BAE Batteries have been providing battery back-up power and energy storage for critical load applications since the late 1880’s. This BAE 6V, 350 Ah gel battery offers deep discharge capabilities and a very long service life.

• Size: H385xW205xL380mm
• Weight: 65.0 kg 

Nominal Voltage: 6 V
Capacity(C100): 350 Ah
Type: Gel
Capacity(C20): 306 Ah


Mechanical Characteristics

Height:385 mm
Width:205 mm
Length:380 mm
Weight: 65.0 kg
BAE SECURA PVV solar batteries are maintenance-free and used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design BAE PVV Batteries are excellent suited for highest requirements regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.Design
• Positive electrode – tubular-plate with a polyester gauntlet and solid grids in a corrosion resistant PbCaSn- alloy
• Negative electrode – grid-plate in PbCaSn alloy with long life expander material
• Separation – microporous separator
• Electrolyte – sulphuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg/l, fixed as GEL by fumed silica.
• Container and Lid – high impact, ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), grey coloured, UL-94 rating: HB
• Pole-bushing – 100 % gas- and electrolyte-tight, sliding, plastic-coated “Panzerpol”
• Kind of protection – IP 25 regarding DIN 40050, touch protected according to VBG 4
BAE SECURA PVV solar batteries are designed for indoor applications. For outdoor applications please contact our commercial department.Maintenance
• Every 6 months check battery voltage as well as temperature
• Every 12 months check connections, record battery cell voltage as well as temperatureOperational data
• Depth of discharge (DOD) – max. 80 % (Ue = 1.91 V/cell for discharge times >10 h; 1.74 V/cell for 1 h) deep discharges of more than 80 % DOD have to be avoided
• Charge current – unlimited, the minimal charge current has to be I10
• Charge voltage at cyclic operation – restricted from 2.30 V to 2.40 V per cell, operating instruction is to be observed
• Floating voltage/non cyclic voltage – 2.25 V/cell
• IEC 61427 cycles – 3000 (A+B)
• Battery temperature – -20 °C to 45 °C, recommended temperature range 10 °C to 30 °C
• Self-discharge – approx. 2 % per month at 20 °CStandards
• Test standard – IEC 60896-21, IEC 61427
• Safety standard, ventilation – EN 50272-2Specifications
• Size: H385xW205xL380mm
• Weight: 65.0 kg


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